3000GT FWD Twin Turbo

This is a small gallery to see the progression of my build over the years. Enjoy!
  1. Custom Fenders Ready for paint
  2. Paint booth locked and loaded!
  3. Paint booth locked and loaded!
  4. Transmission rebuild
  5. Big Brake conversion with Extended Lugs
  6. Custom Fender work
  7. 3000GT car gathering
  8. Twin Turbo rebuild
  9. Installing new Twin Turbo Motor
  10. San Gabriel Forrest
  11. San Gabriel Forrest Cruise
  12. Long Beach Photo shoot
  13. Original NA motor.
  14. Getting the transmission ready to pull
  15. Transmissions out. 
Spec +III Clutch 
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
  16. HID's all lit up and ready for a night ride!
  17. Signature
  18. Rebuilding blows transmission.
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