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01-18-2010, 11:45 PM

In Import Tuner February 2010 issue, pg 019, we are in our own section called "Team Hybrid Turns 15." The Import Tuner section (in the bottom left corner) continues by saying, "California’s most predominant Import Car Club celebrates 15 years atop the show tier this year, on the heels of its recent Best Team Overall win at the past Nisei Showoff. January 7th 2010 will mark the date when a decade and a half earlier, president James Lin founded the club among friends in his local Oxnard, CA import scene. Think about what you were doing to your ride back in ’95 (if you were old enough to drive then)-we’re going to venture a guess that whatever it was, it wasn’t as cutting edge as what James and co. were doing to theirs. Not that we doubt the legit status of an 2NR reader..we just know you wouldn’t dare call James any less than a true OG to his face! It was an honor to have them rep our 10 year party last year, hey James, our invites to yours are in the mail right? www.teamhybrid.com." Dominated year after year for 15 years and reaching our milestone year on top: #1!

Industry respect by another one of the most trusted and respected import magazines for over a decade and on the market today. This is the 2nd major import tuning magazines honoring us with their respects (2nd straight month). 15 years and on top of the world. New decade and starting off stronger than ever once again. We will continue to inspire generation after generation. Many have tried past & present to mirror us back but many have failed. After us, there will be no more. Fate has had it this way since January 7, 1995. I certainly never could have imagined the yellow brick road of blessings that would have led us to this moment. Since it has, I'm glad those Hybridz with us today are part of this dream that has become a reality and we have the power, innovation, experience, influence, respect, people (members, hunnyz, chapter directors, co-leaders) and dedication esp. during tough times to influence millions everyday - having come from nowhere.




More words & honor from our import industry. I cannot appreciate and be more grateful for us to continue to be so highly respected as well as the perfect timing of these published articles. What comes around goes around as I have always said since day 1. Truth has truly prevailed in our classic story as I have referenced many times also during our meetings to Cinderella.

I warned you the onslaught of magazines/media coverages was coming since December 2009 and so far, so good as all of you have witnessed in January 2010 issue of Super Street, February 2010 issue of Import Tuner and this is only the beginning of mooorrrrreeee greatness to come.

ps. Congratulations to Charleston Penesa's Tangelo EVO IX for being selected for this honor. This is also a prelude to big things to come very soon (1 month) for him and not only the next rising star in our team, but in the EVO world.

Hybrid luv,

James Lin

01-24-2010, 07:53 PM
Hey I remember reading that article! That's one hot evo!:drool:

01-29-2010, 06:43 PM
Another great article I must keep!! One after another great cheersss from various media attention Hybrid is getting is incredible. I am sure much more great articlessss are coming along the way ~