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Thread: Team Hybrid - Turbo July 2008

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    Finalllyyy, Stewart Gibbs' Datsun 510 is published in Turbo Magazine. I can now release behind the scenes as well as pictures that did not make the magazine article. I have had these pictures for almost 6 months but now, I can release and share them w/ the public.

    1. Newest Hybrid Hunnyz, Sophia Lin and the Datsun 510.

    2. Proud owner/builder/Hybrid probie, Stewart Gibbs and his Datsun 510. Way to represent NorCal Chapter.

    3. My newest discovery/long lost cousin/Hybrid Hunnyz, Sophia Lin, Stewart Gibbs' Datsun 510 and I. I had to be there behind the scenes to make sure everyone and everything received the right TLC.

    Lastly, once again, congratulations to Stewart. The article not only came out great, but the car was also on the cover. Remember to call me so we can work on that second major magazine feature in order to showoff your newest goodies. Hybridzzz (NorCal) and Hunnyzzz are everywhere.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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