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Thread: Hybrid Hunnyz - Courtney Day

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    "bartender... one martini and a roofie-colada" -quagmire

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    courtney is awesome! super down to earth and always says wassup at random events I've seen her at even non-car related

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff D View Post
    Drug 'em and plug 'em

    GHP - 1
    Therapist - 0

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    she was just at HIN AZ being the spokesmodel for Valvoline, she couldn't have been sweeter

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    oh no, is she sporting some new bolt-ons? i hope not, she was one of the last "real" models out there. =/

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    Congratulations to our Hybrid Hunnyz, Courtney Day for making PAS April 2009 Issue, pg. 24 in the feature article titled, "CES, January 8-11, 2009, Las Vegas Convention Center, LV, NV." PAS wrote, "We were greeted by legendary import model Courtney Day in Alpine Electronic's unique dealer showroom." How fitting that this legendary import models was discovered first by our legendary team.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    One of the many gigs Team Hybrid hooked up for Courtney Day 7-8 years ago when she first started import modeling which catapulted her eventually to the legendary status she is today. Another example of what happens when one works with the best. It could not only do great things for your hobbie, your image, your brand, but we have proven time and time again, one's import career esp. if you believe in the Hybrid Philosophy, Tradition & Formula.

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    she is by far my fav model of all time, I watched her grow in her career (from the side lines). and I was lucky to have been at IT anniversary event in Hollywood @ club Arena.

    if I can only find the pics

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    I think we have pics...maybe James does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    I think we have pics...maybe James does.
    no way!, my car was up front, 2nd car to the main entrance.

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