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Thread: Team Hybrid - - 2009 Nissan GT-R (R35)

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    Team Hybrid - - 2009 Nissan GT-R (R35)


    Congratulations to Darin ‘Kunani’ Ferraro's 2009 Nissan GT-R (R35) for being featured in a story about SEMA 2008 on Yesterday, on the thread I made about Paul's EVO IX being in Super Street Magazine, I said, "...wait till you see the re-done and new project cars we are building that will be coming out soon esp. for the 2009 show/race schedule w/ our title sponsor BFG/Michelin." Today is the first day of SEMA and already, one of our new projects for 2009 is making news. The new cars you will be seeing towards the end of this year are going to be some of our top future superstars. It is the next generation of Hybridz that will be taking us to the 15 year goal.

    Credit goes out to Darin Ferraro, LV Probie, for buying and building the car in such a short amount of time. Chris "Chef" Haydostian, LV Director in Training, for all the behind the scenes work. Robert Chew, Events Director, for approving the car for the Falken Booth @ SEMA. Lastly, I will do what I can to help Darin with some of the 2009 plan(s) I have for the car as well as getting it in major publications. All levels working together for the greater good of our team. No selfishness and no one acting/being a pre-madonna. This is team work at its best, baby.

    SEMA 2008: Kunani's / Budez GT-R / Hybrid @ Falken Tires Booth

    Going from a standard car to a highly modified SEMA showpiece is not an easy task at all but when you personally do it in just thirty days, manage to find time to squeeze in a photo shoot and it ends up looking this good you’re doing-it-right™ in my book.

    Darin ‘Kunani’ Ferraro did just that when he took his white 2009 Nissan GT-R and built this beast. With an impressive modifications list he’s managed to make something that stands out from the crowd. You can check it out at the Falken Tire booth (#43027) So what’s it got?


    Color Matched Lower Body Panels
    Color Matched Rear Diffuser
    Auto Select Devil Front Carbon Splitter/Lip
    Auto Select Carbon Canards
    Auto Select Carbon Bumper Panel
    Moonface Red Tow Hook
    AIT Racing Carbon Hood w/Paint Matched Sides
    AeroMotion Computer Controlled Split Carbon Wing (In Ref to 1968 JGP Winning R381)
    You have to watch the video of that rear wing by the way, it’s insane.


    Bride Gias Maziora Race Seats (Red/Black Inserts/Purple/Green Maziora)
    Schroth ASM Silver Racing Harnesses
    Custom Welded/Designed Removable Harness Bar
    Custom Video Display Hack by Adrey
    Nos Brand 10lb Polished Bottle for Cryo
    Nos Launcher Computer (Auto Control Cryo of Intercooler at Specific RPM Points)
    Mobile WIFI Hot Spot (3G high speed WIFI N/G net access within 300 feet of car)


    20″ RAYS Gram Lights 57GT Matte Black (9.5 and 10.5 rear)
    Rays Lightweight Aluminum Racing Lug Nuts
    Falken FK-452 Tires (245/40 and 275/35 F/R)
    Swift Prototype Progressive Race Springs (Lowered car by 1 inch)


    Dual ARC Intercoolers
    Nos Snake Spray Bar
    Turbosmart Dual Port BOVs
    Samco White Hoses
    Upgraded Clamps/T-Bolts
    Cobb AccessPORT Reflash
    XS Race Battery
    XS Billet Aluminum Battery Mount
    Amuse Titanium Exhaust + High Flow Cats
    K&N Drop in panel filter replacements

    For more on the article and to see a picture of the R35 in the Falken Booth @ SEMA 2008, please visit:

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    Nice Darin, can't wait to see your car in person on Thursday =)

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    i like it ! nice car man

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    very very clean

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    That's nothing...I'm at SEMA right now and believe it or not but have ya'll heard of Rhys Millen...Well, Rhys drooled over Darin's car, and spent a long time talking to Darin- he was digging the prototyped wing...I can tell you this, he knows Team Hybrid now...This is how we roll baby...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    +1 that's crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post

    .. wow.. gratz darrin!!

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    id like to know more about that wing.

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    omg!!!!! that is crazy

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