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Thread: Team Hybrid - - 2009 Nissan GT-R (R35)

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    awesome, that wing is badddd assss! congrats on making such an impact on the first day mane!

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    Thanks guys! I really enjoy tearing this car apart and putting it back together a few times! Its coming out great and I'm really happy with the SEMA stage of the build. More 'money is no object' additions coming as soon as the show is over!

    The wing is amazing and I have more video coming soon. It got taped and shot a zillion times today on the first day of sema. So I'm sure pics will be posted soon.

    In a nut shell, the wing was custom built for my car. I paid a lot extra for the designers to build a custom version matching the aero spec of this car and they pulled through in a month with tons of overtime. Two accelerometers and yaw meter tied to the GTR ecu to measure in realtime speed, turning g force, braking, etc. The wing is split, and changes downforce to the wheel that needs it in real time. It's an amazing design, using only top quality materials including pre-preg carbon on the wings.

    The guys also custom built a mode which allows us to play a video of this wing on Buttonwillow raceway on my nav screen and have the wings move in sync with the wings on the video.. so you can see exactly how the mechanisms work up close. Amazingly high tech stuff!

    Total cost of the wing alone including the base setup, custom mods, overtime, flying them out for install over 3 days, custom paint, etc totals $10k! Probably the most expensive wing out there, and the first on a GT-R street/race car! It costs a lot to be first But its worth every penny.

    Another detail you may not have noticed are the end plates which are a flipped and reduced version of the 'swords edge' shape of the rear side windows! This helps match the profile view of the wing with the design of the car, color matched end plates mixed with pre-preg carbon help tied in this wing to look like factory design.

    It was great to meet Rhys Millen and talk to him about the car/wing. He seemed very impressed! Nice props for all the hard work!

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    dang man! that's some crazy stuff. i'm sure if you got that much on the first day then the rest of the week will be much more to come.

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    very nice darin congrats

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    Congrats Darin! very well deserved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chapman View Post
    +1 that's crazy.

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    Streetfire did a GTR video as well, they took some time on my wing

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    Very well done and great showing at SEMA. Congrats on everything you've accomplished Darin. You've done well.

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