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Thread: Team Hybrid - Modified December 2008

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    Team Hybrid - Modified December 2008


    Congratulations to Archie Concon's 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage for being featured in the event coverage of Mitsubishi Owner's Day 2008 (MOD) in Modified Magazine December 2008 Issue, pgs. 094-096. Not only is he featured in this MOD event coverage, but he also won Best of Show @ this 4th annual event amongest hundreds of Mitsubishis from all over the US. Archie is on fire right now tearing up the pages of all the major magazines. He still has one more full feature coming in Fast Fours Magazine (Australia) and we hope it comes out January 2009 so we can start the year on the right foot. If not, look out for more to come from this re-done Mirage. In 2009, we plan on making another hugh wave with this re-done new look esp. w/ BFG's 2009 show/race season. All of you have seen the new look @ SEMA 2008 and the car literally looks like it is on fire now. Thank you again, Archie, for carrying on our tradition (a decade) of building award winning/magazine worthy Mitsubishi.


    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    Kick arse archie! One day, I'll be a baller like you.

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    Thanks for posting it up James. And thanks for the kind words. just a minor correction, Fast Fours Magazine (lol), not Fast Forward, but its close..haha People are probably sick and tired of seeing the car on the magazine..LOL.. There was a HUGE drama that day and the week after that event, how can i forget! hahaha
    I didn't even know about it until Tuesday, my tuner (trevtec motorsport) called me to go get me a copy of Modified Mag Dec 2008 issue. My car is there "again" i just got back from walmart to pick up my copy..hahaha

    Darin, you know you are always the man and the baller ! i'll just shadow your footsteps bro. and if i can help, you know i got you!

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    congrats po kuya archie

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    Daymn.....who needs room for trophies when you gotta make room for a magazine collection!!!! CongratZ! I can only imagine what '09 will hold for you Archie!

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