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Thread: Team Hybrid - Something Special is Coming...

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    Team Hybrid - Something Special is Coming...


    I can't contain my excitement anymore because the last two weeks, there is something going on behind the scenes that will be made public very soon. Hopefully, in the next day or two. Just in time for our big V20 Round 7 party, the Thanksgiving Holiday and our December meeting/Christmas party. This is perfect timing and I am so proud we will finally be complete after doing what we do best for the last 13+ years.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    Hybrid CL9
    James' getting married!!! yeahhhhhh!!!

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    I'm proud to announce after two weeks of behind the scenes work, it is now live and ready for the whole world to see. In our 13+ years history, everything Team Hybrid touches turns into gold except one thing. Now, that has finally changed and I hope permanently. Many members past & present have tried and we thank them for their efforts, but none, until today, have been this successful in completing the official Team Hybrid website to Hybrid Standard.

    The man responsible and credited for this is none other than NorCal Co-Leader In Training, Chapman Chan. Chapman Chan not only finished this 1st phase in order to debut on time, but learned the programming as well. After learning the programming, it took him 2-3 days to edit/upload all the content. Being in a team like ours is very advantageous because Eric Lam, SoCal member is credited with helping Chapman on the technical support. Lastly, I did my part the last 2-3 days with providing more content/editing/putting on the final touches for this debut today.

    Chapman Chan is a co-leader in training who understands the bigger picture and stepped up to the plate many times this year esp. when times were tough for our team in order to make sure Team Hybrid reaches the 15 year goal and hopefully, beyond. Many of the co-leaders today and in training are like this. So while many of you are sleeping, working, enjoying your life and etc., many of the co-leaders and ones in training are always working hard behind the scenes to make sure things like this happen day to day, week to week, month to month and most, year to year. I appreciate them greatly and I hope, all of you do too. Don't get us wrong, we know some members and probies are the same way, but for those that are not respect is not bought but earned.

    Please use Firefox to visit (I'm so proud to finally announce this and thanks Chapman once again)

    Please bear with us as Chapman will continue updating and adding more content esp. the next two weeks so you will see a more complete version come our Dec. 06 Christmas Party. There will also be instructions posted in the private sections of the forums so we can make the member section come alive.

    Lastly, please give us your feedback and comments to Chapman for this historical moment for our team. I'm sure many of the Hybridz are going to be proud esp. after going through our new website in detail.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    I would like thank the academy and most of all my fans for all the support, what would I do without my fans, I love you too!


    Nice site, what I would suggest would be great (especially for me as a noob) would be to have a thumbmail of each persons main ride next to their member name. Something to match the car to the face to the name.
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    ^I like that suggestion. I think for the most part though we are glad that we finally have a website haha.

    Great job Chapman.

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    Looks good .. Great job guys

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    The site looks really good. Thanks to Chapman for having the dedication to make this happen in such a short time. Chapman has done what no other has done in record time and with no complaining or excuses. Cheers to Chapman at the X-mas Party!

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    Thanks Chapman for the awesome website!! **Cheers**Applause** YEAH !!!

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    Home page looks PIMP! great job.

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    Managing NorCal & able to do the website to go along with work, much respect from me...Way to go in setting an example Chapman...Stuff like this I value and appreciate...Another suggestion is, we should have ways to upload pix we took from events, like photobucket. Nevertheless, excellent, excellent job Chapman...

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