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Thread: Team Hybrid - Something Special is Coming...

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    A message from Meguiar's today, "Impressive site! Thanks for the large logo on the home page!"

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    Great Job Mr. Chap!!! I knew you would pull it through! It's really nice and neat... and professional.

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    Hybrid CL9
    Impressive, Chapman!!!

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    Chapman ftw!!

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    looks real professional, great job!

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    Way to go Chapman! very impressive!

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    Awesome Stuff

    Ahh, we finally have a home page again...after 7 years!!! haha

    Propers to Eric Lam for getting this project started and going through various templates and other tedious technical details in order to help us produce a quality website we deserves.

    James, your content updates and behind the doors guidance have propelled this snail and now we're at full boost!! Boostin at 2 bars baybeee!!

    Chapman, good stuff on finalizing the have our full support.

    I know that we all have a full plate when it comes to life and family obligations. Selfless acts such as the above mentioned (and countless others made by all you reading of; taking pictures, attending events, doing training, volunteering, and etc, etc.) have been the crux of the Team's strength.

    Approaching our Team's 14th years in the game, we have evolved from a small bond of friendship originating from Oxnard; radiating from the 818 to develop as a lasting organization - complete with members, probies, and leaders to manage our Team as we solidify our legacy in the annals of time.

    I couldn't be more proud of what what we've accomplished in 2008...there are just too many things to name, too many people to credit. So we credit the "Hybrid" way, and its philosophy which drives us to; innovate, dedicate, and have passion for the Team and for the scene.

    I am sure that some of you have been touched by the love shown...Let us yet again continue our humble posture as we continue to be the one and only Team Hybrid.

    Once again, great job EVERYONE for getting the website on its way. I luv it!

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    Very impressive site!

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    Thanks for all the kind comments given to Eric and I and esp. the man behind all this, Chapman Chan. He has truly done something that has been haunting our team for a decade now. We are finally complete. I can finally say this without an exception now which is "Everything we touch turns into gold." For members and co-leaders on this team who have been with us for over 5+ years knows exactly the trials and tribulations we have had over this. I won't go into details because that is the past and presently, our future looks even brighter.

    We have had almost 200 visits and looking @ the worldwide site meter, we have had visits from people all over the US and some parts of Europe already. This is all happening just in our 1st day after launch. Chapman will be making banner exchanges as well as market our site via myspace and etc. If all of you can do your part and help market our website or include it in your signature on the various forums you are registered with that would be much appreciated. Everyone, please start spreading the word.

    Chapman will continue to update esp. the news, events, media coverage, events recap and the members section. He will be posting up instructions soon so all of you can help in getting your name/section to come alive. Chapman has also added some YouTube videos in the Hybrid Hunnyz section and I'm sure there will be more to come. The feature car and hunnyz will be updated next month. Lastly, if any of you have any nice pics of your car that you want us to consider using for the slide show opening of our webpage, please send to

    ps. Chapman Chan, we thank you again. This means so much to us esp. me that you do not know how thankful we are for finally making this dream come true.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    Thank you everyone for their great comments on the site.

    Thank you Eric for creating the server, the host, idk what it's called, but the technical stuff.

    Thank you James for providing the pics, contents, and overall a second pair of eyes.

    Like Jame said, if you guys can put the website link in your signatures on the various forums you're active in, it would greatly help promote the website. I'll create some sort of banner as well to be placed in bulletins on myspace/facebook pages.

    Hybrid luv,


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