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Thread: Team Hybrid 14 Yr & 2 Yr Anniversary Party 03/07/09 @ Club "Atmosphere" in SF

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    Team Hybrid 14 Yr & 2 Yr Anniversary Party 03/07/09 @ Club "Atmosphere" in SF


    March 07, 2009, Saturday from 9pm - 2am. Team Hybrid 14 Year and 2 Year Anniversary Party @ Club Atmosphere - San Francisco - NorCal edition

    This will be the first time as a team @ Atmosphere (also first time in NorCal). We have to do it right by making it BIGGER and MORE OVER the TOP party for our Team Hybrid 14 Year and 2 Year Anniversary. This party is located in the Financial District of San Francisco, namely off Broadway.

    No Hybrid cars will be on display. This is an age 21+ event.

    I. Hybrid Hunnyz have been hired to GO GO for us on this very special night. It will be Sasha Singleton and Jeri Lee.

    II. Pricing: Hybrid regular guestlist will be free for girls and $10 for guys before 11PM. Thereafter, it's TBD.

    II. Bring as many guests, friends and industry people to party with us. Lets make our night another one to remember. Please email me your guest list with full legal names to This is a 21 and over (with proper ID) event.

    III. Please post up this flyer on your myspace, xanga, facebook and etc.

    Hybrid Guestlist below or Email to


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    Hybridz, Friends & Guests:

    The wait is over. Tomorrow night, some of us will be partying like rockstars, pornstars or better yet, Import Legends for the first time in NorCal. The Hybrid VIP list is @ capacity but the regular guest list is open till 3pm tomorrow. Lets party hard and safe. See you in the Hybrid VIP Lounge w/ photo studio (TYC Photography) esp. with our SoCal/NorCal/San Diego Chapter Hybridz in attendance.

    1. Get ready to see and met Jeri Lee who will be representing and dancing on the Go Go for our Team Hybrid 14 Year and 2 Year Anniversary Party @ Club "Atmosphere" in San Francisco.

    2. Get ready to see and met Sasha Singleton who will be representing and dancing on the Go Go for our Team Hybrid 14 Year and 2 Year Anniversary Party @ Club "Atmosphere" in San Francisco.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    Hybridz, Friends and Guests:

    Thanks to all who came from all over California to make this a very successful 1st time event for the NorCal Chapter Hybridz. Club Atmosphere hit capacity @ 12:30am and the promoters advised us this has not happened in a long time esp. on an Asian Night. Our brand name continues to be a marketing force and I thank all of you for it.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    Hybridz, Friends and Guests:

    Pictures are long overdue and now, I share with all of you pics from the event @ Atmosphere on Broadway in NorCal. Here are the initial setup pics before the club opens and what the club looks like before the doors open to another packed house with the help of the Team Hybrid name, co-leaders, members and Hybrid Hunnyz.

    More pictures to come and warming all of you up for the Hybrid parties to come in 2010...

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    1. Lines and crowd outside the club. Another packed night with the help by one of "the" best performing all-around teams in the import industry (past-present-future).

    2. Of course if it is popp'in outside, it sure will be even more live and crowded on the inside. Full house baby (1 of 3 rooms)! At Hybrid, we do not talk nor understand jibberish, we back up our words, deliver and provide results that continue to set the standard of how a best overall team should perform.

    Hybrid signage everywhere and soon enough, you will see Hybrid members and Hybrid Hunnyz working the party and the club making sure our night was one they will cherish and remember forever.

    3. One of my favorite parts of the night is when we get to listen to the DJ play music esp. these 3 songs: The Game's "This is How We Do It", Eminem's "Forget About Dre", and Dr. Dre's "Still Dre".

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    1. The people behind the scenes that make it all happen so the rest of the team and general public can enjoy on day of the party. In this case, Founder/President (left) and SD Chapter Director (right) helped make this A3 event possible. Hybrid Management has been instrumental in the non-stop innovation, opportunities and greatness you see happen to Hybrid day in and day out.

    2. Can't have a Team Hybrid party without one of our gorgeous and sexy Hybrid Hunnyz. That night, we chose Jeri Lee to pop everyone's cherry to make sure everyone goes home happy. Scott and I esp. Scott look happy. Don't you guys agree?

    3. Our friends, Hybrid family and the club goers enjoying another great party in NorCal put on by the host with the most, once again, Team Hybrid & Another packed night and another great event to our credit.

    4. Team Hybrid and A perfect match made in heaven.

    5. Jeri Lee. The next time I post on this thread will be all about this hunny. Nothing but her posing, on the go-go's and in action getting the crowd dancing all night long.

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    1. Nothing but Jeri Lee as promised. Enjoy and I know those who were there did!

    Again, another club event where Hybrid Hunnyz were hired and used to go go exclusively. Another packed night and the parties will continue once I return back to the US within the next 30 days!

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