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Thread: Team Hybrid - Charleston Featured on Mishimoto's Website

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    Team Hybrid - Charleston Featured on Mishimoto's Website

    Congrats to Charleston and the Las Vegas Chapter for once again doing big things. Charleston is the August Featured Ride for Mishimoto's online Calendar.

    "07/31/09 - FREE August Desktop Calendar Now Available
    The Mishimoto August 2009 free desktop calendar is now available for download. This month's calendar features import model, Amanda Gift, along with Charleston Penesa's 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution ix. Click August Calendar to check it out."

    This is a first for a Team Hybrid car being featured on Mishimoto's site, so Congrats on that accomplishment. Keep an eye on Charleston as he continues to build his one of a kind EVO and find more media exposure.

    Congrats again Charleston!

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    Charleston looks kinda girly...

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    Quote Originally Posted by smautobody View Post
    Charleston looks kinda girly...
    lol kinda hot too!

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    Charleston, huge congratulations to you and how far you have come since you joined Team Hybrid. As I said in the private forums, this is only the tip of the ice burg for you. Now Mishimoto, then feature article with HPI (High Performance Imports) Magazine in Australia; then you know what is next...haha...:0)

    Thank you to all of you for holding down our Hybrid family esp. since I am still away overseas in China. Some of you know esp. the co-leaders the special projects that I am working on even though I am over here set to debut soon and/or later this year. Project cars, special publications, announcements, products and etc. are all coming.

    Continuing to assert our self as a staple in the automotive industry as one of "the" top teams in the North America esp. in the USA and as the oldest, finest, well-rounded and innovative team for 15 years running looks like a dream come true.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    I wanna be just like Charleston when I grow up!! J/K see you at Vegas Drift man. Congrats on the calendar, car looks great as usual.

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    sorry for my double post.. didn't know scott had post it on here already. Congrats again to charleston. I'll see u guys at the Drift event this saturday..

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    A new friend of mine sent me this message this morning, "Dave from Mishimoto thinks your Team is a great outfit and thinks I should join..take care my friend."

    Thanks to our members who continue to maintain great relationship with our industry partners. Positive words of mouth are important esp. from respected individuals.

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    awesome calendar!!! looks very cool

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