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Thread: Team Hybrid - Honda Tuning Magazine October 2009

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    Toy Civic

    Team Hybrid - Honda Tuning Magazine October 2009


    Please check out the October 2009 issue, pages 74 - 80 of Honda Tuning Magazine. The article can also be seen online at:

    James has said that this is the first Hybrid car in Honda Tuning. Thanks to James and Scott for all the support.

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    nicely built! congrats man. the car is pretty!

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    Congratulations Craig. Well deserved and job well one. After 7 months of probation and finally getting into the team @ Meguiar's meeting last weekend, you have done well for our team, our title sponsors and yourself. Thanks for the team props on page 78.

    Our probies/members continue to accomplish outstanding results esp. within a decent lead time. Lastly, we continue to train and/or spot great talent. Honda Tuning totally agrees with us. Just look at this beautiful and clean 6 page spread on Craig's 1995 Civic.

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    luv the spread man! well deserved!

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    Congrats again Craig! 1st of many, I'm sure. 1st artice by a SD Chapter member!!!

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    yeah, badass bro! represent!!

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    A message from Craig on our private forums:

    "They just posted the online version of the article on Honda Tuning Magazines website."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Congrats again Craig! 1st of many, I'm sure. 1st artice by a SD Chapter member!!!
    Technically, Randy Estigoy's Integra GSR, Tom Ngo's Rx-7/Rx-8/IS300 and Dr. Reed Porche Boxster GT3 RS were all articles that came from our members located in SD, but Craig is the first SD Chapter member since we established this officially.

    For the last couple of years, past & present members have not or still have not scored a full magazine feature. Thanks to Scott's leadership & Craig's beautifully built 1995 Civic for reviving or should I say, jump starting SD Chapter once again. Team Hybrid/BFGoodrich/Meguiar's continues to spot, guide or train great new talent and make the right decisions in order for our members esp. our team to maintain our legendary status & stay on top of our game.

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    That's why I said SD Chapter, not SD Hybrid member.

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    Hybrid CL9
    read this issue at a friend's place. very nice!!!

    btw, Em's car is on the cover~~~~ lol j/k

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