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Thread: Team Hybrid - Performance Auto & Sound - Top 12 Teams "Enthusiast Edition" 2009

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    Team Hybrid - Performance Auto & Sound - Top 12 Teams "Enthusiast Edition" 2009


    Congratulations to Team Hybrid in a 3 page full feature in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine - Top 12 Teams "Enthusiast Edition" 2009 Issue 7, Volume 11, pgs 056-059. We are also pictured in the table of contents and written about in the Editor's Desk called, "The Scene: Past and Present" on page 016.

    The Editor's Desk on pg. 016 with Dave Pankew wrote, "We created this issue to pay respect to well-known clubs such as: Team Hybrid, TWCompetition, Ar'kan, New Image Motorsports and more. These guys are at a show or event every weekend with their custom creations and have never even thought about buying a knock-off part! These clubs are the back-bone of the scene that positively promote sponsored product and showcase it to thousands of potential buyers out there. These guys aren't concerned with gas prices or the economy, they do whatever it takes to improve year over year and represent their passion."

    Again, much luv to PAS esp. Dave. With all the thousands of club car clubs in North America, Team Hybrid was not only 1 out of 12 chosen for the Enthusiast Edition 2009, but named 1st out of all the well-known clubs to pay respect too. Best of the best for almost 15 years and when the industry is doing all the talking for you, showcasing your accolades and passing your story for the next generation to learn & read about, it is not only an honor, but a special journey that most of us will never take for granted and cherish for the rest of our lives.

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    We tried looking for this magazine at PAS booth but no luck. hopefully they'll have these out tomorrow. its was a good first day at SEMA.. give me a couple minutes while im uploading the pics i have. Fernando and Robert has some pics as well... we got some good pics for you guys. stay tuned.

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    Congrats to Team Hybrid for the article!

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    congratz to everyone! more to come!

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    Congrats to Team Hybrid! Always doing big things, setting the trend.

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