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    Quote Originally Posted by Mizter_G View Post
    Is that reporter Corina Sanchez?
    no pare, her name is Bev Llorente...

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    A message from Meguiar's after I reported our results, pictures and website link. Meguiar's said, "You guys are fantastic! I'm proud to be associated with your team!"

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    A message from Motor Trend Auto Shows, LLC I received today, "By all accounts and responses from the show, I heard nothing but great things about your teamís display as well as the entire show... If you have some, I would love to see them. Thanks again for your help with putting together a display at this yearís Motor Trend International Auto Show."

    Lastly, since we esp. LV Chapter Hybridz and management did such a great job, we are invited and welcomed to show and represent @ all of the 2010 Motor Trend Auto Shows with full display provided (compliments of MT). The 2010 MT auto show schedule and locations will be provided to our members in the private forums.

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    wow, that great news too. We (lv hybrid chapter members) are glad they like our display. Thanks to tom, nick, rodney, charleston, and robert for showcasing their nice cars.

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    No thanks needed we are a team that reps standards that only you can dream of.. Thanks james for all the help..


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