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Thread: Team Hybrid - Happy 15th Year Anniversary

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    Team Hybrid - Happy 15th Year Anniversary


    Today is January 7, 2010 and WE DID IT!!! Another great milestone or maybe one of the greatest has been reached. It is our 15th year anniversary. To all of you, happy anniversary Hybridzzz & Hunnyzzz. Can you believe it? Founded on January 7, 1995 in Oxnard, Ca and after seeing how our team is performing in the last 6 months along with the birthday wishes from Super Street & Import Tuner in their Jan/Feb 2010 issue, the co-leaders, chapter directors and I are prouder than ever for reaching this almost impossible goal. Many thought we would never see this light of day, but we are not only starting the new decade stronger and more successful than ever, but also, as the #1 import team.

    True test is one of time. Team Hybrid & Hybrid Hunnyz epitomized the last 15 years. We dare anyone out there to write down all our achievements. It will be overwhelming. Break it down and this will say who's the #1 import team overall of all time.

    Truth prevails. Hybrid quality/formula/family prevails. The truth prevails again and again each year esp. during the toughest times for our family. Again, this is what legends do. Thanks for all you do and my deepest appreciation goes out to all the current co-leaders/chapter directors/members/hunnyz/probies who continue to believe, trust and show Hybrid Luv. See you @ the 15 Year Team Hybrid and 3 Year Anniversary Party (Date/Location TBA).

    This quote of mine means more to me than ever, "May our tradition continue making history..."

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin

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    x2! happy 15 everybody!!!

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    Happy 15th Anniversary Team Hybrid!!!!

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    :dhappy 15th anniversary!!!:d

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    we might just hold the record for longest-running *and* active team

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    WOOO 15years!

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    Happy anniversary team hybrid!!! Our titlle as #1 import team is well deserved. my props go out to all the leaders, co-leaders, members and of course the probies.

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    Years ago today, Team Hybrid journey began. Started from Oxnard, to Socal, then Norcal, spreading to LV, SD and people recognizes the #1 import team "Team Hybrid" across the country and even around the world. For the past 15 years, the name "Team Hybrid" has had many media attention during car shows and always able to find features or covers of "Team Hybrid" in magazine articles that you can get in your local newstands. Such as Honda Tuning Magazine, PAS, Import Tuner, Super Street, DSPORT and so much more to name... not just locally, "Team Hybrid" has had features internationally; Car Magazine U.K., Max Power U.K., Fast Fours Magazine (Australia), Forsage Tuning (Russia), Tuning Expert (Russia) and hope for many more in the coming future. Hybrid also does the impossible year after year. A good example would be beating out the top teams currently in the nation in 2006 and in Ca in 2007 by winning 1st place @ SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge back to back (2 years straight and 1st import team to ever accomplish this accolade too).
    May the journey of "Team Hybrid" continue to grow strong for many more years to come.
    Team Hybrid, Happy 15th Year Anniversary !!!!!
    The strongest and longest import car team ever~Proud of leaders, co-leaders, members, probies that believes the Hybrid formula and gives the Hybrid luv
    Looking forward to the next "Happy Sweet Sixteen Team Hybrid"

    HYBRID . . .HYBRID . . . HYBRID . . . HHHHHHYYYYYBBBBBBRRRRRiiiiiiiiiDDDDD !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Happy 15th Year Anniversary Hybrid!

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