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Thread: Team Hybrid - Banzai Magazine 2010 Advertisement - 2dr EVO Mirage

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    Team Hybrid - Banzai Magazine 2010 Advertisement - 2dr EVO Mirage


    Congratulations to Archie Concon's 2dr EVO to be selected by Banzai Magazine to be used for their North America subscription advertisement. Banzai is also UK's best selling Japanese car tuning magazine. Our industry peers and companies continues to use Team Hybrid cars to market and sell their products. What a great accomplishment and honor for Archie. Our Hybrid Family is so proud of his non-stop accolades and leadership skills as one of Las Vegas' Chapter Directors. When the right person is running the show, amazing happens.

    More to come from Archie....I promise!

    Hybrid luv,

    James Lin
    "May our legendary tradition continue making history..."

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    Very nice!!!!

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    Wow!! They must ♥ luv ♥ ur car, gotta use this car to catch attention to all readers everywhere to subscribe to them!! Attention getter!! Also great way to show some Hybrid power out there!! Nice photoshoot too ^_^

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