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Thread: crx puts beat down on lambo

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    Talking crx puts beat down on lambo

    ran across it on you tube and thought it was a real good kill story.... got rice?

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    hamster vs. ass kisser steet race... lawl

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    Owened!!!! Roflmfao!!!!!!

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    damn. thats classic, but I think Id def rather have the lambo

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    Yeah. At the end of the day the dude drives to his big house in a lambo rather than an apt with his fast CRX.
    I go to the gym so I can look good naked.

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    lol siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

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    an alternate video shows the CRX getting raped by a Porsche after he leaves the Lambo. he tried his luck and the german car smacks him. LOL but yes the CRX is fast.

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    Lambos are nice ... like the best.. but i cant believe it lost to a CRX!!!.. i mean.. a CRX!!! talk about a sleeper... Got Rice?

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