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Thread: Team Hybrid - - SpoCom, LBC 2010

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    Team Hybrid - - SpoCom, LBC 2010


    Congratulations to us for being 1 of the top 3 teams to be featured and written about in event coverage article about SpoCom, LBC 2010. For the exact link of the article, please visit Continue respect from our industry peers.

    by: Jacob Leveton

    In August of 2007, the SpoCom show was born amid much fanfare and promise of greatness in the same Long Beach Convention Center that gave birth to the former Import Auto Salon produced by SEMA, a past event that also set out to showcase the growing sport compact tuning side of the aftermarket industry. Now in its fourth year, the show has continued to grow, in car count, attendance, and number of events this year (for the first time, SpoCom expanded beyond Long Beach to host events in San Mateo, Calif., and Honolulu, Hawaii), marking another year of growth despite declines in other sectors of the industry.

    From the first steps inside to the Long Beach Convention Center on July 18, it was clear that this show was going to be one of the best. It's very typical to see "trailer queens" next to full fledged race cars, with everything in between.

    Speaking of car show circles, the teams of the car show world are well known and well decorated. Team Hybrid, TWC, and Auto Concept Elite have fueled a fierce rivalry both in Southern California and abroad. All three brought out some of their biggest and best cars to the SpoCom show, showcasing all makes and models.

    Team Hybrid's display was fronted by the pair of Scions built for various build-offs at SEMA (the Gold 2006 xA won the challenge in 2006, while the green xD won the 2007 competition).

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    Cool pics

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    Oh congratulations on the article features!

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    Congratulations! (:

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    Nice Pics!! Congrats! O Damn!! just went to the Urban racer link and scrolled down to...
    Click 2010 SPOCOM SUPER SHOW LONG BEACH for more pictures.
    and on the 2nd page of pics is my S60R reppin Hybrid!!

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    Our bumble bee is on page 5!!

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    Looks like were almost on every page!! LOL

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