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Thread: Revelation Gaming Tournament w/ NOS Energy Drinks & Team Hybrid 06/11/11

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    Revelation Gaming Tournament w/ NOS Energy Drinks & Team Hybrid 06/11/11

    Hybridz, Friends and Guests:

    Team Hybrid and our team title sponsor, NOS Energy Drinks are teaming up to put on a special show @ this weekend's Revelation Gaming Tournament. We will also be the only exlusive import car club to be on display with NOS Energy Drinks. Innovating once again!

    Location and Address:
    The Proud Bird – Grand Ballroom
    11022 Aviation Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045
    June 11, 2011, Saturday
    7am - 12pm


    NOS Energy Drinnks, Revelations and I will be roping off all the Team Hybrid cars on display (5-10 cars). There will also be NOS Energy Drink models out in our Team Hybrid booth from time to time and as a matter of fact, NOS Energy Drinks would like to in the beginning to have ALL the NOS Drinks models/girls with us. Lastly, the new NOS flavor for 2011 (Charged Citrus) will also be passed out to the public and esp. to Team Hybrid Members/Hunnyz/Probies.

    It's a VERY big game tournament with tons of people (3000+). With over $30,000 n the line and the hottest competitors from around the globe you wont want to miss this! I know it's the not the shows we (import enthusiasts) are used to, definetly a change of scenery. I believe G4 TV, IGN will be there as well as (LA gaming editorial).

    ps. Team Hybrid guestlist is now closed.

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    Tomrw, Team Hybrid will continue to innovate and set the standard of how an overall Best Team should perform and represent.

    Team Hybrid cars, management/members/NOS staff, Hybrid Hunnyz, NOS Energy Drink Models, Free NOS Energy Drinks, various gaming vendors/media/press and the best gamers from all around the world. Once again, from the one and only.... Team Hybrid.

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    This was a cool event. something out of the ordinary and also showing the sponsors we were not afraid to pay the bills. hope its an event for next year, i can see team hybrid cars in games. are the photos getting posted up??

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    Apologize in the delay of updates. Been very busy working and running the business as well as working hard behind the scenes for our team and future. Usually, I update with trophies and cars first, but this time, I will start with the Hunnyz.

    Hybrid Hunnyz, Ryan Oso and Natalia Marie along with the NOS Energy Drinks Models @ the Revelations Gaming Tournament by NOS Energy Drinks & Team Hybrid.

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    awh this event was funnn

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    hii ryan....

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