In Import Tuner October 2011 issue, pg. 013, there is an article about Import Faceoff, LV. Congratulations to LV Chapter Cars for being selected in the event coverage pictures. Out of the 12 pictures on pg. 013, 3 of them are of Team Hybrid cars which belong to Robert (xB), Essex (Teal EVO IX) and Keoni (Sunset Orange EVO IX).

Remember, according to Archie's post on May 17th, he said:

"Robert xb - best scion and best ICE
Essex evo 9 - best interior
Keoni evo 9 - 2nd best mitsubishi
Mike G8 - best domestic
Cory sti - best engine bay
Allan s2k - best Honda
Eric mr2 - best Toyota
Team Hybrid LV chapter - best team representation, and best car club participation
A total of 10 trophies.."