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Thread: Team Hybrid - December "COVER" 2011 FACEBOOK Contest

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    Team Hybrid - December "COVER" 2011 FACEBOOK Contest

    Hybridz, Friends & Guests:

    For Import Tuner December 2011 Issue, there is a FACEBOOK Contest for the COVER Car. There are 4 choices and guess what, one of them is a Team Hybrid Car. Please vote for Essex's Teal-Widebody EVO IX. Spread the word! Which ever car gets the most LIKES will be chosen as the cover car.

    Check it out here

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    Hybridz, Friends @ Guests:

    Import Tuner just emailed me and advised VOTING FOR the FACEBOOK IMPORT TUNER COVER will end this Friday, 08/26 @ 5pm PST. Continue and get MORE VOTES!

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    Hybridz, Hunnyz, Friends @ Guests:

    Team Hybrid's Teal-Widebody EVO IX owned by LV Chapter's Essex Olalia will be in the December 2011 Import Tuner issue (on sale early October).

    ps. Thanks to everyone that voted/liked the car on FaceBook as well as those esp. Hybrid Hunnyz who helped spread the word. Another great opportunity provided by Hybrid Mangement and continuing to show the clear difference being in our Family vs. not.

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    Hybridz, Friends & Guests:

    Import Tuner has authorized for me to release these exclusive behind the scene pictures only on our Forum.

    Congrats Essex and Hybrid Hunnyz, Angela! Thanks to those who helped behind the scenes (Essex two friends from Vegas and Hybrid Members, Sergio & Fidel) Job well done!

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    Hybridz, Friends & Guests:

    A message from IT today, "Itís trickling to newsstands now (Dec 2011 Issue). Some have it already and some are still waiting to get it." The onslaught of Team Hybrid Cars published in magazines continues and remember what I said back on 09/02, "This 4th quarter is simply amazing. Possibly, a Team Hybrid Car in every single month of the 4th qtr."

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    Here are the opening pages of Essex's EVO IX in Import Tuner's December 2011 Issue called, "EVOLUTION."

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