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Thread: Hybrid Hunnyz - Ryan Oso

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    Hybrid Hunnyz - Ryan Oso


    Ryan Oso, Hybrid Hunnyz Model and discovered 1st by Team Hybrid.

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    sweeet tattoo.. and lovely pics

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    Congrats Ryan Oso for shooting with Super Street Magazine. Let us all know what month and issue you will be in.

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    Come see our very own Hybrid Hunnyz, Ryan Oso, model and represent for Team Hybrid @ Formula Drift, Round 7 - TITLE FIGHT, Irwindale 10/08/11. She will be everywhere esp. at the Meguiar's/Clutch Master/NOS Energy Drinks Booths and NOS Rooftop VIP Lounge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    Congrats Ryan Oso for shooting with Super Street Magazine. Let us all know what month and issue you will be in.

    I am happy to announce, our very own discovery, Ryan Oso has made December 2011 "COVER" of Super Street Magazine as well as an interview, various pictures, 1 page full layout and an event coverage picture of her @ Motion Auto Show modeling for us. We debuted her earlier this year and now, after 3-4 months later of working with us exclusively @ almost every major show/event, she is on the cover. Good job to her for trusting in us, following the Hybrid Formula, and esp. to SD Chapter Director, Scott Dean for managing her.

    Once I get my hands on the entire magazine, I will release all the pictures. For now, here is the cover. Furthermore, Ryan Oso will also be @ SEMA and at various industry parties next week along with members from our team. Hybridzzz & Hunnyzzz continue to be everywhere.

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    The Performance Auto & Sound Magazine/Motion Auto Show "COVER" Model Search Contest collage has been posted online. As you can see, one of our very own, Ryan Oso is in contention. Out of 15 models, 2 are ours.

    Continue proof of the difference between being in Team Hybrid vs. not.

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    Congrats Ryan!! Dedication & patience pays off eventually!!

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    ahhh ty! ::blush:: love you guys lots!

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    congrats again Ryan. Thanks for giving us some loving at the 360 carshow :-)

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    Yes... Thank you and nice meeting you!

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