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Thread: Hybrid Hunnyz - Maureen Chen

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    Hybrid Hunnyz - Maureen Chen


    Maureen Chen, newest Hybrid Hunnyz Model, raised in Taiwan (99 inside joke) and 2011 spokesmodel for Team Hybrid.

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    Like I said in my news update today, Hybridzzz and Hunnyzzz continue to be everywhere. One of our all time favorite import magazines, Super Street (who will also be publishing a full feature on a Hybrid Car in the October 2011 Issue), is conducting a FACEBOOK contest for their 15th Anniversary. SS said, "Help us pick who should be Ms. Super Street, place your vote by clicking LIKE for your favorite model."

    What is even more amazing is out of the 15 choices for Ms. Super Street 15th Anniversary, 4 of them (Maureen Chen, KT-So, Lisa Kaye & Jeri Lee) are Hybrid Hunnyz and 3 of them (KT-So, Lisa Kaye & Jeri Lee) were discovered 1st by Team Hybrid. We are not just an import team that is a double or triple threat as they say in the entertainment world, we are a threat in every way. But we continue to innovate, be the 1st to many of the import accolades, set team standards and pave the way for all the "x" and "y" teams today.

    Since Maureen Chen is our 2011 spokesmodel, please click on the link below and VOTE by hitting "like" on her photo!

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    Message from Maureen Chen I received today, "They need click "like" SuperStreet's page first and the like bottom will pop out. Otherwise only have "share".

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    The Performance Auto & Sound Magazine/Motion Auto Show Model Search Contest has been posted online on August 29 at

    Please vote for our newest Hybrid Hunnyz & Spokesmodel, Maureen Chen.

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    Continue to vote for Maureen Chen also over here.

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    The Performance Auto & Sound Magazine/Motion Auto Show "COVER" Model Search Contest collage has been posted online. As you can see, one of our very own, Marueen Chen is in contention. Out of 15 models, 2 are ours.

    Continue proof of the difference between being in Team Hybrid vs. not.

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    Maureen Chen on for popular beauty queen of the week.

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    Come visit Maureen Chen @ the Team Hybrid Booth @ the Motion Auto Show, May 20, Sunday @ the Long Beach Convention Center. She will be with Team Hybrid/AEM as the spokes model as well as handing out and signing this one of a kind autographed poster of herself with Team Hybrid's 2011 Scion tC SEMA Tuner Challenge built by James Lin for the first few hundred.

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    As witnessed @ Motion Auto Show 2012, Hybrid Hunnyz, Maureen Chen (past & present) luv their Team Hybrid boyz. Wait till you guys see the next lineup of Hybrid Hunnyz being brewed and will be making their debut soon!

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    On 10/01/12, Maureen Chen was at a fashion show at Baltimore Hotel for Miss Asia USA. Good luck Maureen.

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