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Thread: Team Hybrid - Motion Sport Compact Auto Show & Expo 2011 Show Guide

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    Team Hybrid - Motion Sport Compact Auto Show & Expo 2011 Show Guide


    Congratulations to our legendary team for being selected as 1 of the top 3 West Coast teams as well as the only team making the "Cover" for the special industry CAR CLUB spotlight in Motion Sport Compact Auto Show & Expo 2011 Show Guide, pg. 012. Motion rounded up the top 3 major West Coast teams and possibly, in the USA to introduce the show scene is more than just a visual stimuli-it brings the possibility of long term clients, versus one-time customer...The core enthusiasts of the industry and the trend setters. Furthermore, the same 3 teams took home top honors for Best Team Quality Overall @ Motion Auto Show on 08/22/11.

    The layout of the magazine and the editing was also very special since Team Hybrid was placed first before all the other teams and on top of it all, the "only team" on the "cover" with our group shot, line up of our cars and the award-winning, PAS cover, 2011 SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge tC. Much luv & respect again to Mike M and the staff @ Motion/Pro-Motion.

    1st to many of the import accolades, innovating and setting standards once again. Hybridzzz & Hunnyz continue to be everywhere.

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    A message from Meguiar's after seeing this article, "You guys consistently impress me! Thanks for the updates!"

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    Look at that sweet 350z and g35 in front of the night club.

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