Super Street "Cover" December 2011 Issue! Hybrid Hunnyz History in the making.

Congratulations to SoCal Chapter's very own Hybrid Hunnyz discovery, Ryan Oso in a 4 page COVER feature in Super Street Magazine January 2011 issue, pgs 18, 20, 22 & 47.

As I have said many times before, not only do we build and make peoples cars into the next import super star, but we also know how to build and make our models into the next import super "cover" model as well. Special thanks and props goes out to SD Chapter Director, Scott Dean for helping and managing her behind the scenes since day 1.

In my opinion, this is probably "the" most revealing and one of the sexiest outfits Super Street has allowed and published for an import model to wear in their magazine. Good job to our Hybrid Hunnyz (OSO Fine) for also being the 1st to push the limits in SS and set standards for all future import models to follow.