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Thread: BFGoodrich - New G-Force, Sport Comp-2

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    BFGoodrich - New G-Force, Sport Comp-2

    Hybridz, Friends and Family.

    Your probably seeing this here first. It's probably not even released to the general public yet, but here is the Spec-Sheet, Features, Benefits, Sizing and Availability information for the G-Force, Sport Comp-2 aka. SC2. (Hybridz, pay special attention to the sizing and availability columns as well as get educated on the new tire)

    SC2 is smoking the current competition. Accelerate faster, corner harder and brake shorter for next-level control and next-level fun on the street. From the one and only partnership of BFGoodrich and Team Hybrid.

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    Very Nice TIRES!

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    Sick tires

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    I would love to test my 60ft with current KDW tires and compare it to these. I like the tread pattern on the KDW's, but if these perform better then that's what really matters!

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    No 235/35/19!!!

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    Eric Casillas Evo IX
    Sick tires i need to get my rim asap

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    man.. was hoping to run these but all my cars need big boy sizes, someone hook us up on some 315 and up!

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    How soon can we order to get them in time for Motion?

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    Congratulations to BFGoodrich SC2 for making a feature article in the newest issue of Super Street Magazine, June 2012 issue, pg. 024. Super Street said, "BFGoodrich is back in effect....BFG's top of the line summer performance tire with 58 sizes ranging from 15-20", in front of its popular KDW rubber."

    What's awesome is as most of you know, Team Hybrid has been sponsored and working with BFG as a close industry partner for the last 9+ years. Not only have our past and present members been fortunate enough to experience all the UHP models offered by BFG, but now, our current/future members will join me in 2012 to help launch the SC2 tire campaign into the import tuner market. We are the only import team selected by BFG for this honor. Once again, Team Hybrid leading by example, always innovating, setting the benchmark and reaching another accolade first.

    Team Hybrid & BFG SC2 coming soon...

    What has your import team done lately besides talking a bunch of jibberish?

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