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Thread: Team Hybrid - Japanese Performance "COVER" Feb. Issue 2012 - EXO IX

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    Team Hybrid - Japanese Performance "COVER" Feb. Issue 2012 - EXO IX


    Japanese Performance "Cover" February 2012 Issue! Hybrid History in the making.

    Congratulations to LV Chapter's Keoni Viernes' 2006 Mitsubishi Turbo-Voltex Widebody-Tangelo EVO IX in a 5 page COVER feature in international Japanese Performance Magazine February 2012 issue, pgs 040-045.

    Title of Article - "Sunny Delight. Voltex-Kitted Mitsubishi EVO"

    This is 2 of 3 international covers to come for Keoni's EVO IX in the 1st qtr. of 2012. Another standard setting record and definetly, another TM Hybrid Super Star is born!

    Our winning Hybrid culture and legendary performance will continue to earn the respects of many esp. our industry peers as well as fuel fire to the haters out there. Time and time again, our ways of executing, innovating, performing and running things are still un-matched.

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    Import Fashion
    Congratz Keoni and Team Hybrid. Nice article too!!

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    Thanks brotha.. And once again to the team hybrid family

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    congrats suppa sta!

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    i wish i was..gotta get on your level lol

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