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Thread: Parting out my builds...part 1

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    Parting out my builds...part 1

    Baby on the way so selling my parts that I never got to install...

    2 x 80140-AN002 HKS HIPERMAX III for s14 $1800 obo shipped (hybrid $1600)
    1 x 80140-AN009 HKS HIPERMAX III sport for z33/g35coupe $2100 obo shipped (hybrid 1900)

    Not sure if the g35//z33 were sports models...wife bought them for me if they are, than it's part number 80155-AN009 and I'll want $2300 shipped. Thanks for looking shipping is free so if you want to pick up, don't ask for discount. We paid way more including tax and shipping and boxes are still closed and new.

    If you are looking for other models let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.

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    congrats on the baby!

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    Thank you sir!!! Already sold one set of S14 coilovers...might keep other set

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    These are all sold

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