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Thread: Team Hybrid - GR8 "COVER" Edition 98, 2012 Issue - EXO IX

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    Team Hybrid - GR8 "COVER" Edition 98, 2012 Issue - EXO IX


    GR8 "Cover" Edition 98, 2012 Issue! Hybrid History in the making.

    Congratulations to LV Chapter's Keoni Viernes' 2006 Mitsubishi Turbo-Voltex Widebody-Tangelo EVO IX in a 4 page COVER feature in International GR8 Magazine Edition 98, 2012 issue, pgs 012-015.

    Thanks Keoni for the luv to Team Hybrid Family, Archie and I as well as some of our title sponsors in the TechBox.

    This is 3 of 3 international covers for Keoni's EVO IX in the 1st qtr. of 2012. Another standard setting record and definetly, another TM Hybrid Super Star is born!

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    Congrats on making it to the magazine.

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    Eric Casillas Evo IX
    Congrats bro :-)

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