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Thread: Hybrid Hunnyz - Melissa Riso

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    Hybrid Hunnyz - Melissa Riso


    Melissa Riso is the newest addition to our Hunnyz lineup. I will introduce her to all of you @ her debut w/ Team Hybrid @ Motion Auto Show, Long Beach @ the Team Hybrid/Mishimoto Booth on Sunday, 05/20/12. Continuing to set our Hybrid Hunnyz quality standards high and working with some of the finest models in our import industry first.

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    Come visit Melissa Riso @ the Team Hybrid Booth @ the Motion Auto Show, May 20, Sunday @ the Long Beach Convention Center. She will be with Team Hybrid as the spokes model as well as handing out and signing autographed pictures of herself.

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    As witnessed @ Motion Auto Show 2012, Hybrid Hunnyz, Melissa Riso (past & present) luv their Team Hybrid boyz. Wait till you guys see the next lineup of Hybrid Hunnyz being brewed and will be making their debut soon!

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    I have heard numerous reviews and comments about Melissa Riso from Motion Auto Show 2012. She could be and maybe the most beautiful and sexiest import model there.

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    Eric Casillas Evo IX
    she was hot lol

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    Yea, I have a picture of her hanging in my garage.

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    More pictures of one of our newest, highly demanded Hybrid Hunnyz in one of our newest standard setting BEBE outfits.

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    Shagon Wagon
    that last shot is money .... lol

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    guys don't mean to still the thread, but I had no idea the Z WA a Hybrid car? and this model was also Rep team Hybrid and the sponsor. I saw them at WekFest, dope!

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