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Thread: New Front Page Updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    One of the pics of Lillian is upside down...
    Scott I don't see it?

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    Hybridz, Friends & Guests:

    Team Hybrid attends and competes at IFO, Las Vegas on 12/02/12 in event coverage update. We also took home 10 trophies and won the Best Team Overall Quality which solidfies us as the 2012 IFO Best Team Overall Quality Points winner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerimar View Post
    Scott I don't see it?
    Found it,fixed the issue

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    to all Hybrid members, I have been working on getting all current members profiles online.

    This is a rough draft, but if I can get all to see this page and click on, say James, or Archie "See profile" button, I would like that I can get this profile with the same standards.

    Also if I don't have extra pics of your ride, please email then to me

    I will be including all images of your rides.


    Webmaster, Team Hybrid

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    Keep up the excellent work Jesse:

    When you get the chance, please let the team and public know what you recently updated. I see LOTS of website updates in the last 30 days. Appreciate your continue and consistent work ethic.

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    Team I have updates events dating back to January, new featured car and model for April, and all the media hype we have been receiving in that last several months.

    check them out.

    P.S. if you have an event with images, please forward to I like to post ASAP so our sponsors, fans can see what we have been doing.


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    great job jesse

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    Quote Originally Posted by dspiel View Post
    great job jesse
    Thanks, means a bunch coming from you

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