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Thread: Import Showoff's Nisei Week 08/11/12

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    Import Showoff's Nisei Week 08/11/12


    "NISEI WEEK, Downtown LA - SAT AUG 11th."

    Team Hybrid parterned up with one of our title sponsors, NOS Energy Drinks and put on another great show. We brought 12 cars to support Import Showoff due to our long term relationship even though this is a non-mandatory by our sponsors, 4 Hybrid Hunnyz, won 3 trophies and represented for many of our sponsors as an added bonus. Pictures to follow.

    1. Congratulations to our 3 winners: 1st Place Accord (Sunny), 2nd Place (Awd Sport's Class) Chris Walker and 3rd Place Euro Class (My E36).

    2. The 4 Hybrid Hunnyz were Ryan Oso, Kimmie Lee, Tania and a 1st ever debut of our newest HHz, Lillian Kong.

    3. 3 Hybrid Chapters were present so thank you to all who traveled far and wide to show on this extremely hot day. Hybrid luv to SoCal, SD and esp. LV Chpater Hybridz.

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    Congrats to everyone

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    Eric Casillas Evo IX
    congrats everyone :-) sorry i didnt make i got out of work late i really wish i was there :-(

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    Cool.. congrats on the trophies!! nice showup!! LOVE TEAM HYBRID... MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT GOIN OUT TO THE TEAM NISIEI WEEK!

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