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Thread: Team Hybrid - Super Street October 2012 Issue

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    Team Hybrid - Super Street October 2012 Issue


    Congratulations to Team Hybrid for being featured and published in Super Street Magazine, October 2012 issue, pg. 013 regarding Import Face-Off's "2012 Mid Season Car Club Points Leaders." Currently, we are 1 of 5 top teams in the USA competiting to be the Best in 2012

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    wow.. big turn out in superstreet!! niiice... one of the best mags repesentin and still puttin it down..

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    Now I am seeing where our Google analytic hits are coming from

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    Hope to see some cali cars for IFO las vegas on Dec 2.

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    Anyone from SoCal/SD interested, please contact Archie ASAP for details and etc.

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    Import Fashion
    Congratz Team Hybrid!

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