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Thread: Team Hybrid - Lingerie Party/DJ Sophia Lin/Mr. Robotic 09/28/12 @ Club "Level 3"

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    Team Hybrid - Lingerie Party/DJ Sophia Lin/Mr. Robotic 09/28/12 @ Club "Level 3"

    Hybridz, Friends and Guests:

    You are coordially invited to September 28, 2012, Friday from 9pm - 2am @ Club “Level 3” in Hollywood (All Chapter Welcome). This will be another epic, innovative and 1st of its kind event (for us) since I am parterning up with Hybrid Hunnyz & my long lost cousin, DJ Sophia Lin to not only be a partner to host this party but there will also be a "Lingerie SHOW" with many models including some of our import industries finest. DJ Sophia Lin will also be one of the headlining DJ's as well as Mr. Robotic.

    Details & Pricing for the event:

    1. General pricing for guests is $20 for 18 years + and $15 for 21 years +. If you are on the Hybrid G-List, you will not have to wait in line. Just check in, pay and you will be good to go. In order to by pass the line, please get on our Hybrid guest list by emailing

    2. Official Team Hybrid & Hybrid Hunnyz flier TBA later today.

    Level 3 Address: 6801 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028

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    Here is the updated and final event flier with our logos included. Looks like a jammed packed night full of entertainment. More details TBA esp. for the Hybrid VIP's.

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    Our newest Hybrid Hunnyz, Jane B. is confirmed to be representing and partying with us esp. in our VIP all night long as well as her friends. The regular g-list is still open so in order to skip the lines, please get our special Hybrid g-list by emailing your full name to or post up here

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    In less than 24 hours, time to party like import legends once again. Next big annoucement and surprise. I have secured not only VIP entrance for Hybridz, Hunnyz and our special guests, but RSVP the one & only exclusive "WHITE ROOM" VIP ($1K) for Hybridz, Hunnyz and special guests to party in all night long.

    Another great benefit provided by Hybrid Management and another clear difference between being in Team Hybrid vs. not. The all around value and benefits we continue to provide our members, hunnyz & probies is still un-matched.

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    I have just requested DJ Sophia Lin to play Oppa Gangnam "Hybrid" Style!"

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    Hybridz, Friends and Guests:

    Thank you all for coming to this event. If you were there, all the Hybrid VIP benefits and amenities came true as well as a great turn out from our g-list. Pictures to come as soon as I get them from the event photographers.

    Here are a few statements DJ Sophia Lin made on her FB & Instagram, "@level3hollywood !!!!! Place packed wall to wall' so fun!! @ Level 3 Nightclub

    @KRoseOnline LIVE2nite @LeVeL3_ClubDV8 w/ @DjSophiaLin @djetronik @goRobotic @melissareign @diannaLUSHus @Kat_Gutierrez @TMHYBRID @DjKontrol

    Sexy @melissareign @level3hollywood

    Glad DJ Sophia Lin thought the place was packed from wall to wall, but the real decision depends on the club owner who will be getting back to me with the final results. If everyone's partnership on Friday went down well, we most likely should be expecting a Round 2. Again, thank you everyone for coming, looking so sexy, making in my opinion as well as Sophia's a very successful night and esp. all the promoting that went on behind the scenes.

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    Hybridz, Friends and Guests:

    Directly from the owner of Level 3, he wrote to me and said, "Yes was a good night. Hopefully we can do some more things in the future. Working on some other projects as well."

    Great job once again co-leaders, Hybridz and Hunnyz.

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    Event Coverage Part I by "I Rocked LA" and photos taken by retire Hybrid Member ICE. We partied like import legends once again with bottle service and in our very own VIP "White Room" which there is only one available at Level 3.

    Looks like another packed night thanks to all the partners involved.

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    More Coverage, but this time from 5th Nation.

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    Good times everyone and esp. all the support and work behind the scenes. See you next time.

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