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Thread: Team Hybrid - Performance Auto & Sound "Special Edition COVER" Oct. 2012 - EVO IX

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    I am sorry, but EL OH EL at D.J Sorensen's comment. What exactly is "no go" to him? 400 whp is clearly not enough go for a car. DERP. The most retarded comment i have ever seen.

    Haters gone hate.

    Keep doing your thang boss. You're at 8 magazine features WITHIN a YEAR so far, I am pretty sure it definitely means something.

    /rant (Don't know why i let that bother me, LOL, you can delete this comment if you would like. )


    I am going back to bed.
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    I saw that too. Which is why i replied in the comments. 450whp....I'd like to see what that dude is pushing....

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    Sweet, this is great

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    Just posted up about 3 hours ago on Mishimoto FB, "Better have your Ray-Bans on when Team Hybrid pops the hood on their EVO 9!" Our EVO IX built by Keoni is sure making the rounds.

    141 Likes and counting!

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    Mishimoto forgot to add "ray-bans polorized" lol, not just a regular ray-bans lense lol

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