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Thread: 2013 California Smog Laws

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    2013 California Smog Laws

    Hi family,

    I just learned that the new smog regulation in California.

    All vehicles 2000 and newer will not require the bi-annual smog inspection TAIL PIPE test.

    The run test have cut out the sniffer to speed the process of waiting to get the car tested

    This is great for all that want to mod heavy!
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    So since I could not smog my G35 I changed it to a registered non-op. Can I make it active again without smogging it? It's an 03.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    So since I could not smog my G35 I changed it to a registered non-op. Can I make it active again without smogging it? It's an 03.
    Scott, No more sniffer, just visual and code check.

    As long a you can get the car to visually look like it has ask the emission components and not have a ECL come on during the test you would make it.

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    Nice. I guess I just need to find someone who will look past the visual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Nice. I guess I just need to find someone who will look past the visual.
    I was reading up on the rules and its not clear. According to the rules any inspection station conducting the test feels that the test is not following three test pattern a sniffer can be used.

    What does that mean?

    Not sure how this will work

    Ill keep you posted

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    right on.. thanks

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    Scott this is what I have found about Vehicle 2000 and newer

    This bill would require the department to implement testing using on board diagnostic systems, in lieu of loaded mode dynamometer or 2-speed idle testing, only on model year 2000 and newer vehicles, beginning no earlier than January 1, 2013, and otherwise authorize the department, in consultation with the State Air Resources Board, to determine the appropriate test procedures, as specified..... etc etc.

    in a nut shell

    AB 2289 - New Smog Check Law

    Set to begin January 01, 2013; Model year 2000 and newer vehicles will no longer require the tailpipe emissions test portion of the smog check process. AB 2289 will require late model vehicles be administered the smog check's visual and functional tests only.

    The implementation of AB 2289 is expected to reduce the time and cost of the smog check. The program will now take better advantage of a vehicle's OBD II technology by eliminating tailpipe testing and instead using the vehicle's own OBD II emissions monitoring system.

    This new smog test system is already in place in 22 other states. "This new and improved program will have the same result as taking 800,000 old cars off the road, also resulting in a more cost effective program for California motorists." said ARB Chairman, Mary D. Nichols.

    Currently California's smog check procedure requires all vehicles undergo a tailpipe emissions inspection to measure harmful pollutant output from the tailpipe, a visual inspection for present and properly installed emissions components, a functional test to insure the proper operation of various emission components; and as part of the functional test, an OBD II computer diagnostic check.

    Under AB 2289, the tailpipe emissions portion of the smog inspection will be eliminated for 2000 model and newer cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

    Background on the OBD II system - All vehicles imported into the United States as of 1996 have had to be equipped with an On Board Diagnostics system referred to as OBD II. The OBD II diagnostic system is designed to monitor all aspects of your engine's emission conditions and report this information to a central database within it's computer. This information is processed and checked against the computers pre-determined values for various input levels and performance patterns.

    If any problems are found, the computer will determine whether to alert the driver or not. If a decision has been made to alert the driver of an emissions problem, the "Check Engine" or "Engine Malfunction" light will illuminate on the vehicle's dashboard.

    In more serious emission conditions the computer may even begin to rapidly flash the "Check Engine/Malfunction" light indicating to the driver, that the vehicle needs immediate diagnosis/repair attention.

    AB 2289 now requires the smog test inspection to rely on data from a vehicle's own on board emissions computer to determine the vehicle's harmful emissions production as opposed to using a smog machine to sample the vehicle's emissions output from the tailpipe. This design is expected to reduce the cost of equipment at the smog station, reduce the amount of time it takes to smog check a vehicle, and reduce the cost of the smog inspection to the consumer.

    AB 2289 - Makes changes to the following smog inspection procedures and guidelines:
    A. Authorize the use of On Board Diagnostic II testing to expedite the process.

    B. Vehicles known to release large amounts of pollution must test at stations with the highest performance ratings.

    C. Stricter fines structure for improper inspections.

    D. Permit the state to contract with the private sector to manage franchise-like networks of independently owned Smog Check stations.
    E. Encourage community colleges and other training institutions to develop technician-training programs.
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    Scott what I don't understand is if the Smog station is relying on the OBII computer, anyone can actually program the ECM (ECU) to look like its all good, right?

    if this is true, then have your ECU reprogrammed to read good with the Smog stations diagnostics

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    ^Correct in theory, unless they do some sort of visual inspection.

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    Eric Casillas Evo IX
    i think i need to do smog test this year too

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