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Thread: I'm Back

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    I'm Back

    Whats good Hybrid family!
    For those of you that dont know me my names Kevin aka Kevo I have previously been apart of Hybrid but being in the military and a busy squadron it killed me when it came to off time so it was hard being able to make it to meetings and events. BUT now that im in a slower squadron and is in the process of my end of service time I have a lot more time for myself and the team sooo IM BACK! a little about myself ive been through my phases with riding (Yamaha R6) and my 240sx, but now I drive a 2006 WRC Blue WRX with an STi package (turbo, tune you name it). But anywhos just dropping a line and saying what up and im back! PM me if anyone has questions! lol heres a few pics of the ride!
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    welcome back Kevo, amongst my bug eye, the hawk eye is one of my favorite suby's!

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    KEVIN! whats up! hope your doing well my friend

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    Haha thanks for the welcome back and what's good Larry long time no see!

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    Welcome back, glad to know a vet is coming back.

    I assist Hybrid with our website and time to time graphics for our title sponsors., something like that.

    OH and thank you for your service

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    Welcome back KEVO. Scott confirmed with me your intent to return as well as your 1st few months dues. He will be adjusting the forum SN and permissions shortly or may have already. See you at your May meeitng.

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    welcome back

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    Eric Casillas Evo IX
    Welcome back bro

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    Thanks for the warm welcome return everyone and most def can't wait to see everyone at the may meeting !

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