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    Newest Subie Chic Member

    Hello fellow Hybrids!

    Here's a little intro about myself.
    My names Christine Gentibano, I currently live in Downey. I had currently just got engaged and my fiance is my back-bone as he is my biggest supporter in my life. I am originally from the Bay Area and moved to SoCal about 5yrs ago to go to school and expand my networking base. I earned my AA degree in the Bay Area, later moved to LA and graduated from FIDM (Fashion Institute Design Merchandising) as a Graphic Design major.

    I own and design a street wear clothing line called Gen2bano (which stands for our family name with the 2 representing me and my brother starting up the company) where we promote apparel, raise money for charity foundations, models, photography, cars and social networking meets. I carry my brand with me while I work as a full-time Graphic Designer for another company, as well as doing freelance design.

    I own a 2003 WRX Subaru. I had always had the passion for the car scene since at a young age. The car scene is more than just about cars to me, its about passion, dedication, hard work and LOVE.

    Why did you choose Team Hybrid?
    I chose Team Hybrid because I see a great opportunity where me and my car can grow and expand. I had my own booth for a couple events now and I've learned to see that Team Hybrid have good potential, structure, organization and is a very "family" oriented type of Team, which is the type of foundation I'd prefer to be surrounded with. My main goal is to build my networks, be part of a team that will bring support and positive vibes, as we share the same passion for cars.

    Why should Team Hybrid choose you?
    Team Hybrid should choose me because I am truly 100% dedicated to what I pursue on doing. I am a people-person, a team worker, Im constantly involved with the public, I take leadership when its needed, highly organized, I love marketing, I constantly think of solutions to open up opportunities for the better of the company or people and I always remember to appreciate and help others instead of always expecting things back.

    Current Modifications:
    • 2.5 STI Short Block
    • WRX Port/Polish Head
    • 3 Layer Head Gasket Cosmetic
    • ARP Head Stud
    • STI Pink Injectors
    • Greddy Intercooler Kit
    • HKS Blow Off Valve
    • HKS Turbo Back 3" Exhaust System
    • Exedy Clutch w/OEM Flywheel
    • Coach Interior Seats & Door Panels

    Future Modifications:
    • Headers
    • 1000cc Fuel Injectors
    • Bigger Intercooler
    • New Front Bumper/Lip
    • Redo Seats
    • Bigger Down Pipe
    • Proper Tuning

    Thank you for the consideration, I look forward to meeting and working with everyone!
    Instagram@ Christine_g2b

    -Christine Gentibano
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