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    Need Your Help

    So i got my new car its a 2012 Subaru WRX hatch dark great and i am getting a lot of parts tomorrow, some of those parts are engine bay parts, and i am going to get them powder coated. Im thinking 3 different colors, need advice or open to more suggestions. The colors i am thinking are; Neon Orange, volt yellow, or tiffany blue. Any help is appreciated.

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    Grey and orange has been done in Team Hybrid already. While I do like the color combo, it's been done.

    Yellow, I feel isn't the best match.

    Tiffany Blue would stand out and also be different. I'm not even saying I don't like it but it seems like there could be better matches. If you must choose one of the 3, then I'd go with this one just for the rare combo.

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    Considering my wheels are no longer orange i think grey and orange would be fine. If you are going to do yellow make sure its something like this:

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    Tiffany is a nice colorway

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    Tiffany blue is the "murdered out" of this season , everyone is doing it.

    Grey and some shade of gold/yellow would be nice.

    A car from my old job pulled it off decently:

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