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    Smile SoCal- 805 Probie- Mark

    1. My name is Mark Lopez. I just turned 37 years old and I am an Internet Banking Mobile IT specialist. I currently do IT troubleshooting and web changes for numerous financial institutions. I also do mobile app builds (Android & iOS) and am in charge of implementing fixes when new Operating Systems come out. I am a born and raised SoCal boy from Simi Valley, and have been into import scene for quite some time.

    My first love after my family and my job is my passion for cars. It started when I was about 9 years old and I became a "probie" helping out my older brother detail his Blazer he fixed up. He was into the mini truck craze and did sound- off competitions. His influence along with some of the neighborhood bikers and hot rodders was a big part in opening my eyes to different makes and models. This influence progressed as I grew up and by the time I was in high school the whole “Honda Revolution” blew up in my area. It was circa 1994 when I fell in love with the civic hatchback styling and had close friends who were into racing Hondas. When I wasn’t playing sports, I was wrenching on my own car or tearing apart a friend’s car trying to figure out how everything worked. This continued into my college days where I really started gravitating more into the “Import lifestyle”.

    I later graduated at California Lutheran University with a Business Management degree. During that time I built two different 2000 Civic SI’s (FBP and EBP) which I showed actively in a car club called “Team ViSIon”. This was a forums based car club ( where I was a SoCal moderator and avid meet organizer. During that time period I would see numerous Team Hybrid cars at the shows and would notice how each of the members would help one another out when it came vehicle prep and setup, and the general love for one another and their families at the events. During the time I spent showing my vehicle I had the nickname of Impact23 out of the love for Jordan brand kicks, and my desire to make an “impact” on the import scene. The crew eventually disbanded and from there I went solo to shows with the next few projects which were a 2003 VW GTI 1.8T, a 2005 Dodge SRT-4, and a 2007 BMW 335i.

    2. Why did you choose Team Hybrid?
    It’s because this team gets it right. You don’t stay together and stay relevant in the scene for 19 years without being organized, intelligent, and cohesive. I also believe that if you surround yourself with others whom have great minds and a shared vision that it can only help promote everyone’s individual growth. That is what I am about. This applies to your personal life, family, and your career. After speaking with Jesse, it seems as though there are many great minds collaborating and networking together to help achieve common goals, which is what being in a team is all about.

    3. Why should Team Hybrid choose you?
    I am a very well rounded enthusiast who can add a lot of value to the team from past experiences and general car knowledge. You will be gaining a valuable resource in regards to many different styling ideas of modding whether it is JDM, Euro, or KDM. I am a very laid back person who is easy to get along with and doesn’t have an ego and can take constructive criticism well. I am also very professional and will represent the Team in the best manner possible be it in conversation at meets, within online forums, and social media. I am a very humble individual who doesn’t care for all the drama that most other teams stir up and thrive off of. I have also been told I am pretty good with the tongs around the BBQ grille.

    4. My current modification
    My current modifications can be found in my online showroom from OptimaForums. This showroom will have various photos and commentary from the current build, including a detailed mod listing.

    5. Your future modification.
    Future mods I am planning on my current project are:
    - Garcia Factory Air Ride System. This is already ordered and on the way. It’s been a long three months so far.
    - Mold my bumpers and sideskirts to have clean lines. Both front and rear bumper have lip kits installed so I would like them to be one piece.
    - Change out the leather interior and add some color with some clean piping.
    - Shave the door handles and fill a couple areas as well as change the color to something bold like a deep Merlot color.
    - More engine work. I would hope by this time someone will nail the cylinder #2 misfire issues this car has when going with a larger turbo setup.
    - And hopefully many many many more....

    Here are some photos of the car. Keep in mind it is still my daily driver.

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    Here's a few more of my 2012 Kia Optima.

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    let me be the first to say, Welcome and that's how you write up an introduction!!!! great build and great pics. im glad you decided to join the Hybrid family. stay grwndid and humble bro. Again, Welcome from the LV chapter

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    welcome to the family nice ride!!!

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    WOW love the your intro Mark. Welcome, learn all you can, key success to Hybrid is stay humble, respect others, respect your leaders and build.


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    Thanks everyone. I will see you guys all at the April meeting!

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    Now it's time to represent... Thanks for making me feel like a "brother" already.

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