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Thread: Newest San Antonio probie

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    Newest San Antonio probie

    Hello Team Hybrid!

    My name is Marc Brasher. I'm in the Air Force stationed at Lackland AFB. I went through about 7 months of training with Donald Xavier who was previously in Vegas and since moved to San Antonio. We've worked on each others cars a bit and he finally recruited me this past month.

    My car is an 02 Acura RSX Type-S. I bought it early last year and have taken it all over the mid-west and northeast this past winter while I was doing more training for the Air Force. I haven't done as much as I would of liked to do at this point but something comes up every month it seems that pushes back the next purchase.

    So I guess I'll start off with the mods I have:
    Injen Cold Air Intake
    SKunk2 Alpha Race Header
    Custom Mandrel bent 2.5" cat-back exhaust
    Revo Short/Short-throw shifter
    Megan Racing coil-overs
    Energy Suspension Engine Mount Inserts
    Spyder halo headlights
    aftermarket taillights (don't remember manafacturer)
    2Crave Mach 3's 17" (not on yet, waiting to buy tires next month)
    Copperhead Orange Plastidip

    mods I'm looking to add in the future:
    K-pro ECU
    CCFL halo headlights
    HKS muffler
    Burnt orange plastidip (since I'm not happy w/ the copperhead)
    conservative spoiler
    and then at some point... turbo.

    I've seen lots of pictures of Team Hybrid events and I'm blown away at the quality of the rides you guys have. I'm a little embarrassed to be showing mine this early in the build but I was being shunned for not doing so I've got a few more mods to do before I want to take it to any shows but those should be done within 2 months at the most.

    I'll most likely be respraying with the burnt orange plastidip after the 1st and I'll definitely take some better pictures at that point to have a proper show off thread.

    I'm glad to be here,
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    Good to have you on board bro

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    welcome from Las Vegas! you have a great platform to build off of and there are a ton of parts out there for your Rsx-S. Build to your own speed, good luck and great ride.

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    Thanks! I love the K20 so far. I looked into a frankenstein build where you swap in a K24 from the TSX and use the K20 head but I'd be better off just going turbo down the road. I plan on taking it to the track once I get new tires and K-pro

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    Welcome to the Team! We look forward to seeing what you got in store for us!

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    Clean built, welcome

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