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Thread: Proposal: San Diego

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    Proposal: San Diego

    1.Introduction (who you are? background? education? etc. etc.) -
    we highly stress educational background because we believe that having a good education brings forth a person's professional image -
    which we must keep up due to our corporate sponsors.

    Hi my name is Roger. I am originally from Philadelphia, but I moved around a lot due to both parents being active duty military. I ended up in San Diego though for the majority of my life. Growing up I was very involved in sports as well as in the community. I was grooming myself for a successful life. My dream was to get into the aviation field growing up. While working towards that I also enjoyed cars as well as outdoors activities. In my pursuit of my childhood dream, I joined the Air Force. There I was able to get into the aviation field as well as gain some great work experience. I there continued my education and training and personal development. I was able to attain my BS in Air Traffic Management as well as numerous certifications in the aviation and FAA fields. I also have certifications in basic self aid buddy care, Chemical Warfare, Anti-Terrorism, Counter Intelligence, Counter Terrorism, leadership training and development, and many more. I have served overseas and in combat. I currently serve this country and work for the DOD and NATO. I fly all over the world as well as conduct Air Traffic Control operations in some of the worlds most complex areas and airspace for US and allied forces.

    2.Why did you choose Team Hybrid?
    Well technically you chose me lol. I was told by a member (Armondo Rodriguez) that I would be a great candidate for the team and would be able to offer the team another great member to its comradely. I personally decided to put in a proposal because I like being around good natured people who have the same passions and interests I do(ie: cars and good times). I also know Mike G with the cz4a evo.

    3.Why should Team Hybrid choose you?
    (This is one of the most important part. What we are trying to see is what distinguishes you from any other candidates - on the average month, your proposal will be competing with 1-10 other people that are trying to get on probation).

    I am aware you currently have military members on your roster. Well as you may be aware less than 1% of the entire countries population decided to stand up and volunteer to answer the call of duty and serve not only its constitution but its citizens as well. Something is special about those who chose to go in harms way in the name of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it. I have had to endure much adversity as well as being able to graduate through rigorous training in air traffic control and aviation. My life experiences have given me the skills and wisdom that a lot of people may lack. Also I have learned over the years to be very responsible, accountable, and trustworthy. I am also a combat veteran who has received medals for my combat service in Iraq. I currently hold secret and top secret clearances for the US and NATO. I know this may sound like I am being boastful, on the contrary, I am painting a picture for you to realize I am a rare individual who has done and experienced a lot in life who has good intentions. Lastly, from a young age I was a team player apart of sports and throughout life because in the military you need to work as a team. And in my career field it is all a team effort. An aircraft does not fly without a team of people doing their jobs making flight possible. I will be looking forward to meeting the team and hopefully getting to know new life long friends.

    4.Your current modification.
    For the sake of keeping this post from going too long here is a link of the car.

    1.Your future modification.

    Future mods are as follows:

    -Custom FMIC and piping utilizing feroules and Wiggins clamps (better more responsive airflow)
    -Custom catch can setup-waiting for fabricator
    -Custom intake manifold/TB
    -Custom intake
    -Custom Bride seats(Maxis 3 red gradient fabric, carbon fiber backings, with Venus coatings)-already ordered
    -Full Custom roll cage w/ air jack system-waiting for fabricator
    -Chassis Mount rear wing-waiting for fabricator

    Voltex cyber edition front bumper(the one the cyber evo utilizes)-already ordered

    Voltex Cyber edition side skirts-already ordered

    Voltex Cyber edition double over fenders-already ordered

    Voltex Cyber edition carbon fiber canards-already ordered

    Voltex carbon fiber exhaust shield -already ordered

    Chargespeed carbon fiber side skirt extensions-already ordered

    2.3 stroker fully built long block(not sure who I am having build it I am currently in talks with the industries best and brightest)

    Drivetrain(probably go dogbox) as well as the rest of supporting drivetrain systems

    Fuel system(probably 2150cc injectors, dual walbro 450 pumps, custom sump tank, nylon braided fuel lines lined with Teflon for ethanol use, fpr, fuel rail)

    EMS(probably AEM)

    And thanks to Armondo I am now waiting for my Volk TE37SL in hi meta bronze 18x11 +18

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    Welcome to the Team Brother! Nice build!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armando View Post
    Welcome to the Team Brother! Nice build!
    Thanks brother! I really appreciate the love. Looking forward to meeting all my bros and sis!
    Quote Originally Posted by Racerb83 View Post
    Welcome to you too.

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    DAAAAAAAAAAAMN! nice ride lol. welcome to the team and keep up the great work on your awesome build

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    that's one bad ass car welcome to the team brother

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    Quote Originally Posted by FT86_Yoshi View Post
    DAAAAAAAAAAAMN! nice ride lol. welcome to the team and keep up the great work on your awesome build
    Thanks and its nice to know some people up in Vegas. There are some nice events up there too. And the build is about to get even better.
    Quote Originally Posted by loveyourmama View Post
    that's one bad ass car welcome to the team brother
    Thanks again I do appreciate it. Feeling at home here. Looking forward to meeting you too.

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    WE NEED PICS!!!! please!!!

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    Oh yea welcome !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
    WE NEED PICS!!!! please!!!
    Pics are provided in the link.

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