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Thread: New look , new forum site!!!

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    Exclamation New look , new forum site!!!

    Hi Hybridz,

    as you some of you may know by now, TEAM HYBRID forums has a new look. Things might be a little strange and may take some time to get used to.

    With the new upgrade VB4.6, we are close to being secure. We are still working on getting the style to look great, this new forum has lots of tools for you to use.

    We hope that with the new look, you may visit the forum and post more then usual.

    Look for additional changes coming

    Hybrid Luv

    Jesse Ramirez
    Team Hybrid Web Admin

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    We are working in getting our mobile application ready for Droid and iPhone users, I have submitted our application for developers pass with Google Play (Droid) and iPhone (iTunes). I love the new look

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    login redirect is broken

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    I logged in from my droid tablet, and phone and had no issues.

    Looking into it

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    Redirect link has been fixed

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    Quote Originally Posted by dspiel View Post
    login redirect is broken
    You can test it now, I have resolved the issue

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    I'm not a big forums guy but it looks good!

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