Hello Everyone,

The forums are now open for registration. This function was previously disabled. This prevented the general public from being able to register.

You can now direct people to go onto the forums and register themselves. They will be asked to enter information...

email address

They will have to manually type in a custom set of letters/numbers as most forums use these days. It is just a human verification manager.

Once registered the person will see.....

Thank you for registering, <username>. Your account has been submitted for moderation by an administrator and will be activated shortly. You will be notified by email when this happens. To return to the forums, click here.

They will get a verification email.....
Dear <username>,
Thank you for registering at the Team Hybrid Forums. Before we can activate your account one last step must be taken to complete your registration.
Please note - you must complete this last step to become a registered member. You will only need to visit this URL once to activate your account.
To complete your registration, please visit this URL:
**** Does The Above URL Not Work? ****
If the above URL does not work, please use your Web browser to go to:
Please be sure not to add extra spaces. You will need to type in your username and activation number on the page that appears when you visit the URL.
Your Username is: <username>
Your Activation ID is: 7b41e9274823d44bd1cd7edf2c10a7fc3d5307c7
If you are still having problems signing up please contact a member of our support staff at webmaster@teamhybrid.com
All the best,
Team Hybrid Forums

They will have to click that link, which takes them to a activation page...

Your account has been activated but you are currently in the moderation queue to be added to the forum.

A few mins later (it took about 5 mins on my test run) I will get an email telling me a new user has registered. I will then be able to grant them access and they can start posting away.

This is the same way Meguiar's administrates their forums. So for any of you that registered for meguiar's class, you should be familiar from the users point of view. It works the same way.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Details to note and pass on to your new person...

1. Tell them to put down your name as the "referrer" This will help Mark and I tell the difference between a probie and a public person.

2. The current SLA for turnaround is 24 hours. Once they are registered and see the message that an admin will approve, we will grant access within 24 hours.

-Scott D