If you wish to contact us, please get in touch with the appropriate person(s) below:

James Lin
Title: Team Hybrid & Hybrid Hunnyz Founder & President
Aim: TeamHybrid
Email Address: James@TeamHybrid.com

Wayne Chen
Title:Team Hybrid Vice-President
Aim: Hybrdaccv6
Email Address: Wayne@TeamHybrid.com

Em Suvanamas
Title: Co-Leader
Aim: HyBRiDJoKeR
Email Address: Esuvanamas@TeamHybrid.com

Mike Lin
Title: Co-Leader
Aim: HybridRCR
Email Address: Michael@TeamHybrid.com

Scott Dean
Title: San Diego Chapter Director
Email Address: Scott@TeamHybrid.com

Archie Concon
Title: Las Vegas Chapter Director
Email Address: Archie@TeamHybrid.com

Randy Anaya
Title: EL Paso Chapter Director
Email Address: Randy@TeamHybrid.com

Donald Xavier
Title: San Antonio Chapter Director
Email Address: Donald@TeamHybrid.com

Jesse Ramirez
Title: Webmaster & Recruiting Director (in training)
Email Address: Jesse@TeamHybrid.com