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Alaska Airlines 737-800 Flight Simulator

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  • Alaska Airlines 737-800 Flight Simulator

    Thought I'd share this, since it was a rare opportunity to do. As some of you make know, my dad works in the Airline Industry, for Alaska Airlines, and gave me a shot at flying the 737-800. This flight simulator is so advanced and realistic, pilots can get certified to fly the 737 without actually flying the real aircraft. They can just use this simulator and get certified.

    The simulator is on a complex system of struts, pistons, and compressors that moved with pilot input from the controls. It can give you the feeling of banks and turns, as well as acceleration, turbulance, landings, ground roll, etc. Basically it feels and acts exactly like the real 737, it even simulates the the vibrations of the landing gear coming up and down.

    Once inside, there is the full cockpit plus 2 chairs. 1 for the instructor and one for an observer.

    The instructor will sit here and he/she can modify the flight and flight plan. From here you can set what city you are in and set up landings at any airport in the network. The weather can be adjusted, as well as day and nights. It will simulate snow, turbulance levels, wind levels and direction, bird strikes, engine and electrical malfunctions, etc

    Here is the view from the flight deck. Rolling down Seattles runway for takeoff..

    Climbing to 4,000ft and making a right turn to make a loop back to seattle for landing.

    When using the H.U.D. the pilot sees this image. The object is to keep the small circle inside the larger circle. The large circle is the airplane. The small circle is the destination. This is used for landings in adverse weather/fog. With this tool you can take the plane down to 50ft AGL without seeing the runway. This will even outline the runway when you get about 2 miles out.
    In this image, the mall circle is dead center inside the larger one. Perfect glide path.

    Here is Washington DC "yankee doodle" approach. You flight up the Potomac River and make a sharp right to the runway. You can see all of Washington DC, including Whitehouse, Capital Building, Washington monument, lincoln Mermorial, and pentagon.

    Here is Hawaii!

    San Diego on final approach...

    San Francisco approach. I had them set this up to imitate the Asiana approach. Same conditions and I flew it manually. No HUD, just visual.

    Here is the same one, with HUD.

    My dad was flying the Right Seat, giving me tips as I flew.

    I go to the gym so I can look good naked.

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    nice bro


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      Awesome share and say hello to your father for me.
      "May our legendary tradition continue making history..."


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        That's pretty cool Scott