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    Hello Team Hybrid Family,

    Every once in a while we have an opportunity to give back to the less fortunate. We have another opportunity to give back to a 18 year old boy named Alex. Alex has an Aortic Heart Aneurysm which he has had multiple surgery's on over the year and a majority of his childhood. It is rare for a child to have this and prevents a child from participating in any activity that is strenuous which is basically every sport and even something simple like playing outside. He has definitely missed out on being a child and if he lives long term, won't be able to play with his own children to hard. He is not in any immediate danger of death but he is at a serious disadvantage and can't lead a normal life. He spent much of his younger years in Children Hospital in San Diego.

    My mom, Sherri, works for Make A Wish foundation and helps grant wishes. She has been doing this for 8 years now and has granted the wishes to so many kids. I have helped her out on a few myself but this time I need everyone to help. Together we have the knowledge and know how to help make this wish come true.

    The Wish..

    Alex has come into possession of a 1969 Dodge Coronet 440 4 Door. This engine produces 318hp.

    The care itself basically needs a ton of interior and exterior work. You can see from the pictures below, it has a few dings and needs serious cleaning and re-upholstery work. The exterior was literally painted with a paintbrush at some point. It has original paint (faded) plus something like a house paint over that, which is also chipped and faded. There are a few rust spots also.

    What he is asking for is exterior paint, interior re-upholstered, wheels, tires, audio. Now for the bummer... Make A Wish only has about $7,000 as a budget for this project. We all know that 7K won't cut it. This is where we need to step in and do what we can. Reach out to anyone who can help, any sponsor that can donate. Anyone business who is willing to help can fill out a form for the Tax deductions. He isn't look for anything custom, just restored.

    He will choose an exterior paint color, which will be a dark blue of some sort. He will also choose an interior color, which will also be mostly blue and black. He will go with Vinyl on the seats to keep costs down. He will choose a stock color from some manufacture as well so the costs will stay down.

    Replacement and update of the stock stereo is also needed. Nothing fancy just something that play radio and has an AUX port for Ipod hook up. Replacement of stock speakers is also nice.

    The wheels are black steelies with hub caps, which are OK if we have no $ left but a rim and tire upgrade is preferred. The tires are currently 205-75-r14, on a 5 lug steelie. Not sure the width of the rim.

    The car is located in Escondido, CA, which is North San Diego. It is drivable so it can move to any shop if needed. I am looking for as much Free or Donated parts and services as possible. Anyone who wishes to help, please let me know.

    At the end of this project, we can use pictures of the completed project and build to promote ourselves and any company involved can do the same. The family has already signed the proper release forms for this.

    There is no time frame for this. Alex is not very familiar with the world of auto restoration, performance, anything at all, but I was able to speak to him and give him a realistic view of how things work. Make A Wish has allowed me to be the Project Manager for this specific wish and I am excited to be a part of it. I hope we can all help Alex out. When this project was handed out Team Hybrid was the 1st stop they looked to for advice and guidance. Let us not disappoint them or Alex.

    I go to the gym so I can look good naked.

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      Scott, I may do some digging up on how we can fund this project.


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        i could donate some for the project


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          Scott, do we have a link for public access? I have a body shop I want to send this project too. They might be able to help.


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            You can use the link from this thread. If you have a company willing to help/donate/ etc. Please call me at 858-880-8092. Thank you everyone!
            I go to the gym so I can look good naked.