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'91 323 vs '91 Civic... vs flatbed

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  • '91 323 vs '91 Civic... vs flatbed

    Today was an eventful day for laughs.

    So i was driving home from BevMo when this red-primered altezza-lighted '91ish civic (the one that kinda looks like my 323) flashes his highs on his pink/blue HIDs on me (one is pink one is blue). I move over to the slow lane and just signal him to pass me.

    They line up with me seeing my car has a '4 sale' sign, take a few glances, and it's a couple 16~18yo guys all Raider'd out. We get to a stoplight, and they ask me what the car is, i tell them a 323, ask if they're interested, and sure enough the driver says "yeah interested in if that's nice or rice!"

    So he revs his engine a few times and i laugh and say "I don't street race." As the light turns green, the guy takes off. Exhaust unleashing the high horsepower fury of a thousand bumblebees in a bean can, Giant white APC, XRRacing, and RedLine logos staring me in the face on their rear window.

    Next light, they rev again, egging me on, saying they've got a couple $20's to throw down. I give them a shrug and i guess they consider that an 'ok', so they wait for it, wait for it, and BAM! light turns green and they're off!

    I stay slow because a flatbed is going backwards out of a market on the right of me. The truck keeps backing up to the center lane, teh honda slams on brakes tearing up his already bald tires, barely misses the truck, and teh truck keeps rolling back.. into opposing traffic... into... FIRE HYDRANT? yep. broke it off and... KEEPS ROLLING BACK and into a building, thankfully the concrete stairway puts the truck in check. Everyone looks at the driver wondering if he's lost his brakes or something... and there's no driver. Cops show up in less than a few seconds and take down info from ppl in opposing traffic.

    Next light, the red honda is at it again, this time i say "don't street race. Your mom will be mad you're abusing the car she's letting you borrow." Amazingly, they rev on me up to about 6k rpms now (cuz it takes forever for them to rev that high) and i guess the guy slips on the brake and he jumps forward, and hits the back of a black F150. Waited for cops, gave my statement saying kid was trying to race me, slipped his foot or something, and hit the F150.

    Moral of the story? Don't street race. and it's not considered racing if the other guy is just cruising and laughing at you.

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    BWAHAHA you owned that guy pepper


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      very nice! they deserve that hahaha


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        haha nice man


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          is ur 323 the awd turbo?


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            Originally posted by HHP View Post
            is ur 323 the awd turbo?
            the awd turbo's were only snuck into the US in like '88-89' (BF chassis) before they got Mercury's B6 1.6sohc 85bhp treatment. Therefore, none of the 180 and 230hp awd turbo's were brought to the US legally.

            I'm getting the jdm turbo swap later on for about $2k, it's just $$$ has been a slight issue lol.