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Best Kill Story Ever *poor car

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  • Best Kill Story Ever *poor car

    Well its kinda long so here is the sparknotes version.

    I've always appreciated a nice car. So i see this 2004ish Mustang SVT Cobra at the stop light. Im currently 2 cars behind but i can hear that baby purr so i squeeze in trying to just get a better drool at the thing. At the time i had a (1994 acura gsr fully built for race) My car looked stock outside aside from the spoon wheels but at the time i was all about speed. So i finally got next to him and he turns over and being the cocky typical guy he says,
    "You aint got shit ricer!" So having the reputation that i had on the streets with my baby i decited to have some fun. I gunned it and slowed down teasing the guy. He finally gave in and we raced down the street. (NIGHT TIME NOT TOO MANY CARS) We were coming apoun a red light i was about 4 cars in front and i said, well he already lost so why keep going. He didnt stop, he wanted more. I was already stopping when i see a van about to cross the intersection. The man in the van saw/hear the car and decided to stop. The punk kid slammed on his breaks completely losing all controll going sideways untill he ran up a curb, ran into some bushes and hit a parked car. He hit another stang.. haha. I waited of course to see if he was ok and when i saw him come out and yell,
    "FU** FU** FU**" I knew it was time to leave.

    Moral of the story.. Never underestimate a honda. :-)

    But those times are behind me now. Now i just enjoy the competition there was with shows and the closed tracks up in willow springs and fontana raceway.

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    damn sucks for that poor cobra..i had the same one...they are incredible cars..but put a shitty driver behind the wheel and trouble will come..