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Prospective Members: An open letter from Team Hybrid's VP

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  • Prospective Members: An open letter from Team Hybrid's VP

    For those of you who are interested in joining Team Hybrid, please read up on Wayne Chen's letter to you for more information.

    Dear Potential Recruit:

    If you qualify for that you need to send in a proposal via e-mail to: [email protected].

    Jesse Ramirez handles the recruiting.

    They review the proposal first before taking it to our board to get approval. Once it is approved, the potential member will be invited to our next meeting.

    During the meeting, the potential member will go through a team-wide interview.

    After the meeting, the potential member will then be set aside and have a personal meeting with other co-leaders. The potential recruit then has a chance then to decide if Team Hybrid is the team he/she wants to join. If he/she decides not to, there will be no hard feelings but a warm handshake. If he/she decides to join, they will then be handed Team Hybrid’s probationary contract (with a monthly fee of 30 dollars) and probationary standard operation manual. Team Hybrid operates on a democratic voting system. All members are voted in democratically.

    Thus after signing on to the contract, it is all up to the probationary member to network with people on the team and to have them vote you in.

    The proposal that you send to Jesse will have to consist of:

    1) Introduction (who you are? background? education? etc. etc.) - we highly stress educational background because we believe that having a good education brings forth a person's professional image - which we must keep up due to our corporate sponsors.

    2) Why did you choose Team Hybrid?

    3) Why should Team Hybrid choose you? (This is one of the most important part. What we are trying to see is what distinguishes you from any other candidates - on the average month, your proposal will be competing with 5-10 other people that are trying to get on probation).

    4) Your current modification

    5) Your future modification.

    Your vehicle does not have to be show quality or amazing to join Team Hybrid. Half of our team (we have roughly 50+ members) do not have a show quality vehicle. But what Team Hybrid strive is to nurture them, grow them, guide them in the import scene in order for them to be the next superstars of Team Hybrid. We understand that it takes time, money, vision, ambition, and good taste to build an award winning and magazine published vehicle. The team and the management group is there to help out any individual members that are in need.

    Moreover, I encourage all members to come with our management team and our staff during trade shows to witness and learn how we lobby for corporate sponsors. We call this "building your pipeline". Growing the next batch of superstars is always one of our TOP PRIORITY.

    All in all, cars are only a part of Team Hybrid. What we try to create is an atmosphere of successful individuals. A big networking team in order to help each other not only in cars; but in life/career and etc. Our team currently composes of doctors, engineers, business owners, corporate managers, graduate students, undergraduate students, and etc. Moreover, Team Hybrid (after 18+ years of existence) continues to be a big family. Our Events and/or Public Relations Directors plan events such as bbq's, Starbucks run, training days, Saturday night events, & etc, in order to provide an environment of interaction between our members outside of car shows.

    I am personally honored that you have selected Team Hybrid as a Team you would like to be apart of. I wish you good luck on your proposal and our "family" looks forward to meet you in person.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Wayne Chen
    Team Hybrid
    Vice President
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